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Imagine two wonderful flavours:

Coffee and


For the lovers of coffee and chocolate, these little cuties can be related to a thick dose of get-me-up delightfulness. You should have come across it in coffee shops and stores, normally sold at prices up to four dollars for some ounces.

Maybe you have treated yourself to it before but you cannot compare anything to those good chocolate covered coffee beans.

The Caffeine Effect


Chocolate coated coffee (espresso) beans are widespread and much-known candies that have natural caffeine. The Espresso beans are merely coffee beans that they have darkly roasted. The contents of caffeine in these beans tend to differ as it depends on a lot of factors as well as the chocolate. The normal amount you can expect to find is about 7mg. For a dark chocolate coating, it is going to be about 6 to 11 mg while for milk chocolate coated espresso beans it will range from 5 to 10 mg.
Although this doesn’t look like so much coffee, you will find that these candies can be addictive since you can get to consume plenty of it in one go, so watch how you consume it. What this tells you is that caffeine is sneaky. It is a molecular imposter smartly masking its presence, appearing like adenosine, sneaking in and using its blocks, filling up receptors before you can figure it out. You can relate it to that cruel kid that spoils the toy you are having fun with. Chocolate coated coffee beans are not like the brewed coffee, it is normally ingested whole, so you ingest all bits of the caffeine in the beans. This is what makes its ingestion easily overdosed. Should have you have taken other foods or drugs that contain caffeine, you might have to watch your consumption of chocolate covered coffee beans. If overdosed and you develop side effects, you should contact your physician.

Caffeine could take a while before it wears off from the body. The time frame is normally about five to six hours for an averaged sized dose or an average person’s intake. It leaves behind a body that is tired and preparing to sleep or fix itself which is why the body often has that crash feeling that comes with high sugar and caffeine intake. In addition, the level of dopamine can go back to normal which gives a fatigued and depressed feeling.


Other side effects of caffeine intake are:

Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia,






Heart rate increase,








Vomiting and


Intestinal pain.

Nevertheless, it is important to note here that when caffeine is taken in small regular doses, it comes with its own lists of benefits to one’s health. Some of these benefits are the minimization of some cancer risks, lessening the risk of diabetes not to mention mental alertness and improved mood. However, the normal saying that more is usually better does not work here. Caffeine is a drug that can be related to its illegal family members like cocaine and heroin and thus it shouldn’t be used excessively. There are a lot of known cases of caffeine addiction and it can be tough to overcome which causes serious complications like psychosis, heart palpitations, headaches and insomnia. Just like every other thing it is best to use it in moderation. For those that are thinking of trying it at home, what it normally requires are those your highly preferred chocolate and beans of good quality. To delight in the one that will be better than those found in the store, normally with a lower or older quality beans, you need to use a fresh dark roast. There are a lot of stores out there that offer chocolate covered coffee beans but sadly, many of them make use of cheap chocolates and beans that are old and without flavour. This leaves many people to get a coffee flavoured jumble.  The real deals are those stores that make use of coffee beans that are fresh and rich in flavour and a really thick chocolate. With that, you are sure you are paying for an incredible taste in a candy that smells charmingly.


Intake of chocolate-covered coffee beans provides the body with energy because of the caffeine content of both the coffee bean and chocolate. The way it does it is that caffeine being chemical works on the central nervous system, raising the level of mental alertness, improving physical energy and eliminating that tired feeling.

To avoid any possible difficulties, you should communicate with your physician before you eat those chocolate coated coffee beans particularly if you are on any drug.


While chocolate coated coffee beans can help boost your energy, the caffeine content can lead to hostile reactions. Together with giving you energy, it can also cause you to be anxious, excited and nervy. Anxiety sufferers should stay away from caffeine.

Caffeine should be used in moderation and no person should take a caffeine volume of over 500 to 600 mg any day. You should also know that there are a lot of products that contain caffeine such as the normal tea and coffee, some drugs, and energy and sports drink. Do not substitute your sleep with chocolate covered coffee beans.

Watch out For Allergies

Should you notice symptoms that are not normal, it could be possible that you are allergic to maybe dairy, beans cocoa or caffeine.

Chocolate covered coffee beans can bring about any allergic reaction, which could subsequently lead to the following:


Nasal congestion

Asthma and Immunology

Skin rash


Stomach ache

Swellings on the throat and lip, and

Shortness of breath

If any of these reactions occur, you should see a physician. There might be a need for allergy tests to be performed to get a clinical diagnosis.